Your suppliers of innovative unmanned technology

 Let us help you with the all your drone needs. Whether you’re looking for a commercial heavy lift, aerial photography or cinematography drone or UAS we have the solution for you.

A vertical approach

At Beyond Line of Sight we expertly supply you with premium, top-of-the-range drones, unmanned aircraft, and the latest in UAV technology to increase the effectiveness and unique aspects of your photo shoot. All drones and aerial vehicles stocked by Beyond Line of Sight have been selected to be enhanced by cinematographic and photographic equipment, instantly adding an unmistakeable level of grandeur to your shoot. We also excel at providing repairs and modifications to your craft.

Find the best in drone equipment today

Thanks to our unique understanding of drone technology and our passion for everything related to photography and cinema the team at Beyond Line of Sight is here for you. To discuss your civilian drone requirements for your next shoot feel free to contact our team today.
Call 0418 868 379 for your drone needs
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